LGBTI Support

Adapt Lifestyle Support is a member of the The National LGBTI Health Alliance and is committed to respecting and celebrating the experience of people who identify as being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, intersex or whose same sex experience is a significant part of their history. We understand that you may not typically share this information with others, but if you choose to tell us you privacy will be respected.

Counselling regarding sexuality, sexual and personal relationships is available at our retreat studio or in your own home. Director of Therapies & Supports, David is a member of the Sunshine Coast LGBTI community. If you identify as being LGBTI, and having connections with the LGBTI community and individuals is important to you, then we are well placed to support you.

LGBTI people may have specific requirements in feeling safe and supported using service providers, due to their past experiences and concerns over acceptance. Let us know if it is important to you to have an LGBTI support partner assisting you with any of your personal care or other services.
We know that not all LGBTI people may want to be identified as such, or feel that they need to be involved with other LGBTI people or events, but please know you can really be your wonderful self with Adapt Lifestyle Support.

Mates Social Support: 1-1

Whether it’s a trip to the movies, a drink in the pub or a gay venue, sharing a gardening project, a beach walk, swim or bowling, we’ve got you covered. We can support you in doing your chosen activities or in supporting you to plan and experience new ones. If you have stopped doing the activities you like, it is possible to start again with a like-minded person who can give a hand when needed.

Remember, we don’t wear uniforms and name tags. Our cars don’t have logos on. Neither do your mates!

If you require personal support to get ready for socialising, this can be included as well.

Our LGBTI services are available to people of all ages and can be negotiated as part of your NDIS Plan. Please contact us for an obligation free discussion and quote.