About Us

We are an independent provider with a unique approach to meeting your support needs on the Sunshine Coast.

Adapt Lifestyle Support provides a range of supports, social work services and therapies to adults of all ages. Our social work and therapy services can be delivered in your home or at our Lifestyle Lodge base. These services can support you with a particular issue in the short term or be delivered as ongoing regular support.

David Mack

Company Director and lead support partner, David Mack, has worked as a health professional for over 30 years in the UK and Australia as both a Registered Nurse and a Social Worker in the fields of mental health, dementia support, community health, rehabilitation and education. David is currently an Accredited Social Worker with the Australian Association of Social Workers and has extensive experience of supporting adults within both the NDIS and Aged Care sectors.

Leigh McCosker

Therapy Assistant, Leigh McCosker has worked extensively with people of all ages in a variety of roles in community health as a teacher, mentor, advisor and carer. She has a Bachelor of Human Movement Studies (Dip Ed) and is qualified in Home and Community Care and Disability Support. Her passion for complementary health has led her to gain further diplomas in recent years in natural therapies. Leigh’s experience includes work in the Disability and Aged care sectors as an educator and dementia advisor for many years in both Queensland and New South Wales. Dedicated to a holistic, individual approach to care she enjoys supporting our clients to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Olivier Surget

Olivier has worked in health and community care administration for 25 years and has become a special help to many clients along the way. As the Operations Manager for Adapt Lifestyle Support, Olivier can help with any of the documentation you may be required to complete and can support you with managing invoices and payments associated with your NDIS plan. Many people prefer to do these things in their own home over a coffee, rather than by phone or email, so Olivier is always happy to drop in to you anytime.

As part of a Diploma in Community Care, Olivier has been managing our Respite Accommodation service – Adapt Lifestyle Lodge. Olivier takes great pride in ensuring your stay is really meaningful for you and in taking time to keep usual routines that help you feel at home. Olivier is never short of ideas for outings and activities for you to try, making your stay just what you had hoped for – and a bit more!

Brendan Mack

Brendan has enjoyed making connections with people living with disabilities since undertaking training in supporting people with disabilities in a day centre setting 5 years ago. Brendan strongly believes in the connection between physical and mental well-being and is keen to help you feel motivated here as well. Bren has strong connections with local gyms, personal trainers and exercise physiologists and provides therapy assistance to attend sessions with therapists and carry on your program at home. Brendan also uses his previous experience as a chef to assist participants to prepare and enjoy a great range of healthy meals at home.

Brendan worked for several years with a community theatre company, delivering workshops and performing arts activities. Brendan is also a keen musician and currently assists our participants with enjoying and making music in groups and on a one-to-one basis as part of a Diploma in Community in Community Care.

Brendan also provides Support Coordination to connect you to community activities and services on the Sunshine Coast. He can work with you and your service providers to get the most out of your NDIS Plan.

“Privacy and Respect – Actions Speak Louder than Words”

For your privacy we do not use Adapt Lifestyle Support signage and logos on our cars or clothing when we visit you. We respect that
your choice to use our service – is your business. It’s up to you to choose to tell the neighbours if we are visiting you at home – the vehicle we use won’t tell them. Similarly, when we support you to go out and about in the community, you may not want everyone knowing you have a support person with you. So, we won’t be wearing a uniform or an ID Badge that identify us as service provider – your time out is about you, not us.

What Drives Adapt Lifestyle Support


A Sunshine Coast where disability, ageing and diversity are celebrated and individuals are given an equal opportunity to participate in, and contribute to, their communities, relationships and futures.

Statement of Purpose

Adapt Lifestyle Support works to improve the wellbeing and participation of people who are adapting to living with a disability, age-related or psychosocial condition. We achieve this through a partnership of our skilled supports and your expertise in knowing what needs to change for you to live well, feel well and have something great to look forward to.


Partnership & Collaboration:
Partnering with you to plan how your time with us looks and what we can achieve together. Working with others in the community and those people who are important to you, as we support you to adapt to living well and to meeting your goals into the future.

Care & Celebration:
Placing a high priority on the respectful, sensitive and genuine manner in which we deliver your supports. Being careful to promote your emotional wellbeing and self-esteem. Taking time to suggest supports that empower and enable you. Celebrating your strengths, achievements and the meaningful connections you develop with others along the way.

Diversity & Inclusion:
Your individual identity, personal and cultural beliefs and uniqueness will be a cornerstone of our partnership and this may require us to involve specific groups, individuals or activities you indicate necessary for your cultural wellbeing. We will support you to continue your involvement in your community, traditions and the things that matter to you.

Excellence & Innovation:
As your support partner, we are committed to offering research-based approaches to delivering services which empower and enable you. We strive to continually improve our services and develop exciting new programs.